Mooo. Ow! Mooo.

Remember this post? In it, I linked to a video that’s getting all sorts of attention. It’s created a sensation of a fake Indian character named “Benny Lava.” Well, for the curious, this is the real Benny Lava. His name is Prabhu Deva, and I know of at least one Tamil cinema and Prabhu Deva fan who doesn’t find the whole Benny Lava thing funny. Well, too bad. It’s damn funny.

And speaking of funny things, everyone has been sending me to a site called “Stuff White People Like.” It’s funny. One of the standout posts is the one about Japan. It’s all quite reminiscent of the infamous “Black People Love Us” site of yore.

And speaking of irreverent humour, I’ve spent the past few days watching non-stop South Park episodes. You can watch ’em all, free and legal, in the South Park Zone.

Meanwhile, remember that Black professor at Columbia who made headlines because someone had hung a noose in front of her office? New revelations out today that she was found guilty by the administration of academic plagiarism.

Besides the issue with the noose, which I hope is still being investigated, there’s an element of this story that pisses me off: this woman still has her job. And we wonder why the academic standards of University students in North America have been rapidly slipping these past few years? It begins at the top, with the tolerance of crappy professors who literally get away with the gravest of academic sins. That this can happen at a supposedly top institute like Columbia does not bode well for supposedly lesser centres of learning like, oh I dunno, a certain place where I teach. This does not fill me with joy.

In other news, an idiot PETA activist, Rachel Feather, has renamed herself Rachel FishingHurts to advertise the, um, plight of fish. You know, I’m all for the protection of animal rights. But it makes it difficult to be vocal about my beliefs when they’re shared by idiots like Rachel FishingHurts. My slow voyage to the realm of vegetarianism is inspired by the practice of factory farming, which I find quite intolerable. SP sends us this video of the ill treatment and torture of cows in American slaughterhouses.

And again, to clean our eyes and screens, check out the following photo of Barack Obama. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying the man looks damn good in a cowboy hat: