Right Wing Canadian Bloggers

Occasionally I find the strength to take a peek at a few stinky right wing blogs, among them that cesspool of supposed “conservative” thought in Canada, the Western Standard blogs. Here are some random snippets of utter stupidity that I didn’t even have to dig for:

  1. “Environmentalism is a movement started by and supported by the Soviet Union and is a Communist vehicle to hobble the industry of the Free West to prevent technological advance and keep us from arming ourselves to defend against the aggressive spread of World Communism.”


  • “Women, fags and the Islamic lobby are running the show in this country. However, once the Islamics get control the women will be in the kitchen and the fags will be in the closet or dead.”



  • “Who do they honour?? A lesbian. Why do they honour her?? For her contribution to making same sex marriage Canadian reality. What is the conclusion of all of it?? Sexual deviants are running Family Courts in Ontario.”



I can’t make this shit up.

Another weird thing about right wing blogs in Canada is their non-stop virtual fellatio of the United States. Take Catherine McMillan (please, take her). For some reason she goes by “Kate Werk” and is the Canada-based blogger who runs Small Dead Animals, one of the more commonly cited right wing blogs. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Ms. “Werk” has a US flag on the front of her blog, but no mention of Canada. I mean, if you want to ally yourself to a certain nation, that’s fine. But then why is the content of your blog the politics of Canada, when all you seem to care about is the USA? Weird.

The “Right On Blog“, which advertises its content as “Right wing ramblings from Toronto, Ontario, Canada”, has for some reason a batch of interspersing US and Canadian flags in the top right. I don’t get it, I really don’t.

Adam Yoshida is a particularly idiotic scion of the Canadian Right. We’ve discussed him here before. He’s a Canadian citizen based in Vancouver, Canada, and vocal, frequently published commenter on Canadian politics. Yet his official website photo depicts him posing in front of the US flag…. again, with no Canadian iconography to be seen anywhere.

Again, I just don’t get it. If you’d prefer to live in the USA, that’s fine. Go there. Go. Now. And leave us be. But if you are Canadian citizens, living in Canada, voting in Canadian elections and commenting daily on Canadian matters on blogs hosted in Canada, don’t you think it’s interesting that you choose to advertise your allegiance to a foreign power? I find it very odd, and frankly it reminds me of idiot Communist youth of old wearing the insignia of the Chinese and Soviet governments while eschewing those of their own nation; and also of the fascist American youth of the 30s who used their love of Nazi Germany as the platform from which to criticize American liberalism.

In more frivolous news, my favouritest show from last season was Jericho. The story of Jericho is a cool one: the show was cancelled after one season, despite it’s high critical acclaim, yet a dramatic fan campaign convinced the network to revive the show for seven episodes. We are 3 episodes into the miraculous second mini-season. I’m afraid the show probably won’t be renewed for a third season. So go enjoy it now. It’s billed as science fiction, but it’s more of a small-scale political intrigue. Nothing fantastical happens; the drama is about how normal people cope in a truly extraordinary situation, while a political mystery percolates about them.

In a similar frivolous vain, I found the funniest South Park episode of all time: “Make Love, Not Warcraft.”

Meanwhile, my latest MicroSoft column is up.

In more sad and serious news…

We are sad to report the passing of the father of Deonandia regular, E.K. Hornbeck. We’re thinking of you, buddy.