We Don’t Need No Euduction

You’re probably all aware of the news bit wherein Hillary Clinton’s campaign supposedly leaked a photo of Barack Obama in traditional Sudanese “Muslim” attire. Here’s the photo in question:

Interesting topic, no? On the one hand, shame on Clinton for trying to play the fear and race card by reminding a xenophobic America of Obama’s Muslim and –Zod forbid!– foreign roots. It really is an unforgivable tactic for a Democrat. On the other hand, the Obama campaign should suck it up and recognize that the photo is not fake, Obama does have Muslim roots, and that this will be a factor in the general election, especially once the muck-raking, mouth-breathing Republican spin machine gets rolling at full tilt.

Obama’s strength thus far is that he has somehow managed to be perceived as the dude who “rises above it all”. But his crash point may soon be coming, if his campaign’s reaction is any indication. It’s only a matter of time before America figures out that Obama, as likable and as inspirational a figure as he is, really is light on content. Republicans can get away with vapidness (see one George W. Bush), but Democrats are required to bring the wonkish intellectual thunder.

As an interesting aside, Obama’s headquarter’s vehicles have been vandalized with the word “racist” spray painted across them. I’m not sure why someone would call Obama a racist, but the best part is that they misspelled “racist”:

The illiteracy disease seems to be spreading. In the linked article itself, reporters couldn’t figure out if a dude’s name was spelled “Towles” or “Towels”.

Reminds me of back in grade 7, back when Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was in heavy rotation. At my school –which was no Algonquin Roundtable— someone had spray painted on a portable wall: “We don’t need no euduction” (sic). Oh, really?

Similarly, I found this from the Fark.com forums: