Fish Thieves

We begin today with news that a 14 year old girl has selected 10 songs to be played for astronauts aboard the space station. You can look at her song list here. It’s true: in space, no one can hear you scream.

This Globe and Mail article states the obvious: immigrants to Canada are enormously better educated that native born Canadians. It’s an infuriating pattern: Canada (and other Northern nations) suck the cream from developing nations, then force that cream into cab driver seats or janitorial jobs, forced to endure the increasingly pathetic banality that is Canadian intellectual life.

Yeah, I said it.

In today’s installment of American Taliban: the Rapid Devolution of Us Civil Rights, we have this story of an American teen being barred by her school from serving on the student council because she used some profanity on her private blog, which was written and uploaded from her home. This is a clear violation of her civil rights, and yet another example of how the current power brokers are completely out of touch with the evolution of communication, technology and the nature of human social networking.

Get off this kid’s case, Rumsfelds!

On a similar note is this story about school officials flipping their lids and calling the cops because school children are kissing. Yes, kissing. As we all know, kissing leads to circle jerks and dog fucking and that might just lead to –gasp!– dancing.

Deonandia regular Mischa sends us this story of a man having invented a robot to patrol his home with vigilante zeal. Is Judgement Day around the corner?

Meanwhile, there’s a new article up on Go check it out. All this is gearing up for the launch of Version 4.0 before the summer!

I leave you with this, ’cause it makes me giggle: