Froggy Love

Not quite a Daily Perv Link (TM), but here’s a story of a frog humping a rubber ducky. What, don’t believe me? Here’s proof. Dig the surprised look on the duck:

I have a recently divorced friend who thinks that only crazy and stupid people get married. This story does not contradict his thesis.

New York Governor Spitzer has resigned because of his dalliance with a high priced call girl. Want to know how wonderful the Internet is? Here are the pics of said hooker. And here’s a sample, courtesy of the forums:

Of course, she weirdly bears a disturbing resemblance to a transsexual who also made the news.

In Other News…

The Other Ray sends us two bits: first, Ten Things You Didn’t Know About The Milky Way Galaxy; and second, this fascinating visual depiction of what the total volumes of water and air are relative to the size of the Earth:

There’s more sci-fi goodness over at Today’s article is a review of the 2nd best show on network TV, Jericho.

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