More Self Plugging

My latest serious article is published in India Currents magazine. Here’s a taste:


Years ago, I interviewed for a job with a law firm that was looking for an epidemiologist with skills in science research design. Their intent was that I would attack the science underlying the claims being brought against their major clients—mostly tobacco companies being sued for smoking-related health damages.

“If I took this job, how would I sleep at night?” I asked myself. “On a bed of money,” came the subconscious reply.

I ultimately chose another path, but the lesson was learned: though there is an undeniable causal link between smoking and poor health, there are sufficient cracks in the scientific methodology used to quantify that link that a disingenuous expert could likely foment doubt among non-expert jurors, simply by prising those cracks into yawning chasms. In essence, one can use science’s own persnickety nature to attack it…