Reservoir Bears

Ohhhhh, the pain! Once more I have a fracking head cold. These things always hit me when I have a crapload of stuff do, when I’m finally back on a good workout schedule, and when I’m about to head out on a trip. Grrrr.

First off, I want to thank the undergraduate residents at the University of Ottawa for having invited me to give the address at their yearly ball at the National Art Gallery this past weekend. Mmmm, 300 drunken 20-somethings dressed in their finest. Colour me happy! Seriously, they were a wonderfully accepting audience and just served to underscore why I love teaching university so much: despite the occasional whiner, the students are genuinely good folk.

The other Ray sends us the image above, which is taken from this list of the most inappropriate children’s book covers.

Special Ed sends us confirmation that all we South Asians have broken hearts.

You know, faced with a choice between John McCain and Hilary Clinton for President of the USA, I would choose Clinton, only because I don’t trust McCain’s fetish for bombing shit. But Hilary ain’t no prize. However, having Gloria Steinem stump for you and devalue the character shown by McCain as a POW is a bad move by Clinton. It takes strength and courage to persevere through capture and torture, then to come out of it sane enough to rise to great power, eloquence and influence. What has Hilary Clinton –or, for that matter, Gloria Steinem– ever endured that is comparable to McCain’s ordeal? Well, maybe each other.

Besides the obvious argument that we’ve had a Bush or Clinton in the White House now for 28 years, there are other qualities to Hilary Clinton that just make me grind my teeth. Crying is not a sin, and I get that it’s a sign of stress and frustration more than a sign of weakness. But I want to see my leader cry in the face of great tragedy, not because she’s just having a bad day. I would assume that pretty much every day as the Chief would be a bad day, and I would hope she would suck it up and do the work, and not just feel sorry for herself. Maybe it makes me an asshole, but I have always viewed public tears in anything other than a tragic scenario as the last refuge of the emotionally manipulative or desperate; and I certainly don’t want to view the most powerful person in the world has either manipulative or desperate.

In other news, it seems Robert Carlyle will be the next Dr Who. This is sad news indeed. Carlyle is a great actor, yes. But David Tennant is the best Doctor since Tom Baker. More to the point, he’s good looking, charming and youthful. Carlyle is none of those things.

Of course, for all future science fiction news, I will be directing you to the latest website,