The Roundup

The roundup:

You’ve probably seen this before, but if not, witness the world’s oldest animation.

In Sri Lanka, wild elephants block a polling booth during a national election. Insert your own obvious Republican joke, if you like. But, as a Sri Lankan friend put it: clearly the elephants are Tiger supporters.

Dig this: an innocent man when to prison for 26 years while lawyers, officers of the court, kept silent about what they knew of his innocence. Apparently, due the weirdness of the law, they would have been disbarred if they spoke out. I don’t know about you, but when the choice is to save my career or save a man’s life, I like to think that my career would not come out on top. I call cowardice.

This dude is trying to make it illegal to post anonymously on the Internet. Now, here in Deonandia I do not allow anonymous posting; it cuts down on the asshole quotient. But I would not like this policy to be a law of the land! This is a clear case of Big Brother once more interfering in our right to be assholes. Again: a private individual, like me, can set the rules for his own online space; but the government has no role here.

The state of California demands that its employees sign a “loyalty oath” to the state government. Do I need to explain why this is a crock of undemocratic shit?

The machine that is keeps trundling on. “Redparrot” has posted a review of the new TV show, “New Amsterdam.”