Well well well. It seems Canada’s “new” (i.e., hyper-conservative) is being accused of plotting to hasten the demise of the Presidential campaign of one Senator Barack Obama. It seems an Obama rep revealed to a Canadian diplomat, under the auspices of protected diplomatic speech, that Obama has no intention of re-opening NAFTA.

The Democrats are calling this NAFTA-gate, and it’s a little juicy. The Canadian Right is remarkably monolithic, seemingly taking its marching orders from essentially six angry dudes in Calgary… if one is judge by their online nonsense. In fact, it’s amazing how on-message Rightist bloggers and pundits have been with respect to Obama. They clearly dislike the man. So frankly, I am willing to believe the Conservative party of Canada has had some meetings to discuss what they can do to derail Obamamania. If NAFTA-gate is the best they can come up with, they really are intellectually bankrupt.

One of the juiciest bits is that the leading suspect for the leak is Prime Minister Harper’s Chief of Staff, Ian Brodie. I met Professor Brodie briefly at an event not too long ago, and find much gossipy goodness in all these (possibly baseless) allegations… mostly because he didn’t seem to appreciate my admittedly pornographic sense of humour.

Stay tuned, my droogies. I suspect this one won’t die down for another few weeks.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still in it. And you know what, my money is on her. For now. Though I wish it wasn’t.