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Funiculee…. – deonandia


As I may have mentioned before, I sit on the Advisory Committee for the Luminat’eau arts festival, which will be held at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto from June 13-15 this year. This is the grande finale of the city-wide Luminato festival.

I invite all of you to attend, as we’ve assembled a fantastic selection of activities and performers, all around the theme of water. I’m particularly proud of having brought in young scientists from the group, Let’s Talk Science, who will be doing interactive demonstrations about the nature of water. Relatedly, the quirky and innovative scientist, Dr Steve Mann, will be playing several of his futuristic underwater musical instruments.

In further self-aggrandizing news, tomorrow evening I will be delivering the keynote address at the gala of Trent University’s Thomas Symons Seminar Series. If you’re a Peterborough resident, I hope to see you there.

I’ve written here and on Skiffy.ca about the British science fiction TV show, Torchwood. I have mixed feelings about the show, but continue to watch. Shaila M. sends us news that an academic anthology is soliciting scholarly essays about the show. If you’re curious about submitting something, click here. The deadline is May 1st.

Meanwhile, one of my old photos from Washington DC is included in this news article about the legacy of Martin Luther King.

Mischa sends us news of an innovative new car that our conservative society just can’t seem to accept. Youtbe clip is here. News story is here.

Lastly, Adam S. reminds us of the lyrics of the funicular song I made up in Spain. I need to record it for youtube:

“funiculii… funicular…

funiculee… funiculo oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!!!”