Is It Time To Grow A Moustache?

You know, I’m actually quite slim these days, but recent photos seem to bely this truth. Take the following photo from my speech at Trent University on Friday night. Dig that triple chin!

Dr Raywat Deonandan speaks at Trent University

I know some of them are reading this, so I want to thank the graduate students association of Trent University for inviting me to share Friday evening with them. It really was a splendidly organized event, featuring some excellent research and jovial spirits all around.

Thanks, also, for buying me so many gins-and-tonic at that creepy (but fun) Peterborough bar afterwards. I was entranced by the weird band with the ukelele, trumpet and dudes with moustaches. Other than cops and porn stars, who still wears moustaches these days? The highlight of that event was when the band broke into a rendition of the Dr Who theme, complete with lyrics! I recorded it on my PDA, but, alas, it didn’t turn out well enough for me to share.

The evening was named for Professor Thomas Symons, who also honoured me by introducing me to the audience.

What can I say about this impressive man? When I mentioned that two of my heroes had recently died –Arthur C. Clarke and Edmund Hillary– he regaled me with stories of the experienced he had shared with those great men! I’m told he was also present at marriage of Charles and Diana. What a guy.

Lastly, I want to thank superstar speech writer Michel A., who was kind enough to share with me speeches he had written for Ken Dryden and Allan Bernstien, so that I might steal from them. Thanks!

Now I have to write two more presentations for tomorrow….