Next Up…. Final Exams!

Alas, today was the final session of the first University class that I’ve taught from start to finish. So sad. I think the class went well; no one rioted and I only had one drop-out. I’ll take that as a success. To any of my students reading this: you guys rock!

I’m presently halfway through Arthur C. Clarke’s final novel, Firstborn. It’s not his finest work, and was likely written mostly by his co-author, Stephen Baxter. But it still counts as Clarke, so I will savour each word. I still intend on writing that obituary for the late Sir Arthur.

Check out the events section to see my upcoming activities. This Friday I’ll be in Peterborough to speak at a conference. And on Monday I will give the welcoming address at the OSHI (Ottawa Student Health Initiative) International Health conference in Ottawa. If you are in the community or are a student at Ottawa U, I invite you to attend. Festivities begin at 8:45 AM and will take place at the Roger Guindon building.

OK, back to watching The Tudors.