One Of Them Smart Guys

I’m still recovering from my brush with the Mary Kay cosmetics saleswomen in Memphis. Anyone remember this?


I took a taxi from the Memphis Marriott to the airport, as I rushed to Toronto to attend the sitar concert of my friend and teacher, Anwar Khurshid. The cab driver, in his lazy Tennessee drawl, asked me, “So, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a scientist,” I replied.

He said, “Oh, you’re one of them smart guys.” Then he turned around, lowered his glasses and gave me the once over. “You sure don’t look like it,” he said.

Not sure how to take that one.

Congratulations to Nasty Nicky B, whose blog has been added to something called “Blogs of Note“, causing his hit count to hit the stratosphere. Now, I think it’s fair to say that Nasty Nick was coached in the world of blogging by none other than Lord Wat himself (though I’m sure the Nasty One will deny this subtle truth). Thus it is with humble pain that I declare that the student has become the master. Log Base 2 really is a good read… though, as I often chide him, directed to a “niche market”.

Now back to that sitar concert. I’m quite proud of Anwar, who is fast becoming the singular sitarist of Canada, by virtue both of his virtuoso skills and of his purity of soul. If he ever plays a venue near you, I encourage you to attend. My parents commented, “this is the music the angels must play in heaven.” Of course, they are Indian, and thus are biased.