Bye Bye, Vista

Don’t ask.

Who are the most cynical people on Earth? Doctors! Here’s a list of things they write in your file that you’re not supposed to know about. Probably all a crock o’ shit, but maybe I’m just a faecal encephalopath.

This blog post attempts to tabulate the degree of scientific accuracy portrayed by various science fiction films. (Hey Dee Mack, it links to your Skiffy article!) I’m not sure I hold with its criticism of 2001‘s “weird depiction” of the effects of vacuum.

Also in space news, there’s a new storm on Jupiter that threatens to overtake the Great Red Spot!

Darth Vadum sends us this horrific news of a plan to tax pornography!!

Dawn sends us this story about a store that’s offering the great deal: buy a car, get a free gun. Now, if it was free gum, I’d so be there!

Dawn also sends us this link to a site tracking fun typos across America.

Don’t have much more to say today, except to whine a little more about how much MicroSoft Vista is pissing me off. The dang thing crashes all the time, annoys me with endless messages, is always getting infected with Trojan Vundo, and doesn’t play well with non-MicroSoft products, like Firefox and the new crappy Palm desktop.

I refuse to be seduced by the cult of Mac, but I have to admit that Mac OS is probably a lot more stable and reliable than Vista, and Apple is probably a lot more responsive to personal computing issues than MicroSoft appears to be.

I’m just tired of big corporate computing in general. So when I get back from France in a couple of weeks, I’m going to start the process of migrating to all open-source computing bits, starting with adopting Ubuntu as my platform of choice. Stay tuned to this gripping development.

I leave you with one more reason Firefox rocks: