Moobs, part 2

Headline from the Times: Obestity fuels growing “boy-boob” problem. To my brothers in moobishness, I feel your pain. If I were to abandon my regimented programme of bench presses and push-ups –an eventuality of age!– I fear that what pass for my pecs would quickly transform into the dreaded “man boobs”, as well.

Fans of Seinfeld know that Kramer had a solution: the “manzier” or “bro”:

Personally, I prefer the term “pectacle” for a male sports bra. And no one can steal it now, ’cause I’ve mentioned it here and it’s date stamped!

In other news…

Brother Bhash sends us news of a new device that can turn waste heat into electricity. He likens it to “green glue“.

Today’s Daily Perv Links (TM) are twofold, one fanciful and the other disturbing. The latter is news that a Calgary child molester had also had his way with victims of the canine persuasion. The former is news of a New England play that features illegal dog-loving in a character-affirming way. But the question before us still persists: are these stories indicative of the mainstreaming of this particular illicit activity?