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The amazing thing about all my voyages to continental Europe is that regardless of how much I seem to drink, I never get a hangover! I guess it’s the high quality wine. Even the cheap stuff here in Paris is of greater quality than the average bottle bought at the LCBO in Toronto.

Last night, I partook in my host’s dinner party for her professor and friends. I was on my best behaviour and actually managed to hold my pornographic tongue in check… for the most part. It’s tough being me. Maybe I have mild Tourrette Syndrome?

Speaking of dinner and excess, I found this old blog post, titled “All You Can Eat Is A Challenge, Not An Advertisement”. I think I should soon start a “Best of Deonandia” file. What think ye? Any suggestions for content?

And speaking of overeating, I give ye:

Someone commented that I have not yet talked about “Parisian life”. Well, the fact is that I don’t know anything about Parisian life. I’m just a stupid tourist living off the largesse of my host and stumbling from winefest to winefest. But apparently, I tried during my last trip here. Post is here.

I leave you with this, a discussion of how both US Presidential presumptive nominees are seemingly deliberately exaggerating the “threat” posed by Iran. Are peoples’ balls so small these days that threats need to be enhanced just so they can show how tough they are? Gimme a break.

Off to look for crepes… and to see Iron Man again, this time with French subtitles! (Not to be confused with this blog post.)