Blogging Is Good For You

So busy once again, hence my slowness to post these days. I’m off to France for a week, so posting will be even more sporadic. But I promise to try to update you all on my various Parisian adventures!

For those of you in the Toronto area, I would like to remind you to come out for the grand finale of the Luminato festival, called “Luminat’eau“, which will be held at Harbourfront June 13-15. I’m on the advisory committee, so I will make it my responsibility to ensure that you have a good time! Here’s the ad, click to make it bigger:

Meanwhile, The Other Ray let’s us know that blogging is actually good for you. Well I knew that! And Brother Bhash points to an online market for domain names! Weirdly, is going for $312,000! Apparently no ones to buy Suckers!

I leave you with this very disturbing animated GIF of Jean Claude Van Damme dancing. Next stop: Paris!