Gore 2009

Regular Deonandian reader Mischa sent me an email with the subject header: “It’s over”. Its content was a link to this article stating that Al Gore had endorsed Barack Obama. On the face of it, it does seem that my 7 year old prediction of a President Gore in 2009 may not come true.

Well, in the interests of pulling on every thread, however improbable, to make myself seem prescient, I present the following scenario. Already, many are calling for Obama to name Al Gore as his running mate. This would be pretty weird, especially since Gore would overshadow Obama. It would be doubly weird since there’s also a rumour that John McCain may choose Joseph Lieberman as his running mate! Those of you not brain dead will recall that the 2000 Democratic ticket was Gore-Lieberman.

Well, if Obama does choose Gore, then there’s a good chance they will win. And as discussed earlier, Obama may not live to attend his own swearing-in ceremony. Where does that leave us, legally and constitutionally? With a President Gore in 2009.

Of course it won’t happen. But I’m morally obligated to present the possibility.