Lennon’s On Sale Again

There’s a line in the classic David Bowie song, “Life On Mars” (which I blogged about not so long ago) that has been a point of contention among Bowie fans for years: “The workers have struck for fame, ’cause Lenin’s on
sale again.”

Now, it has always struck me as fairly obvious that if one is talking about “workers”, then one must surely be referencing V.I. Lenin, founder of the Soviet republic. But there are some, perhaps historically impaired individuals, who insist that the line is “LENNON’S on sale again”.

Well, maybe Bowie was being cute. Sort of like me spelling the Stallone hero as “Rimbaud” instead of “Rambo”.

Why do I bring this up? No reason, except that I’m presently sitting across from the very spot where John Lennon was killed in 1980.

Once again, all my plans in the Big City have been cancelled, and I have no internet access (except for my phone). So I’m killing time blogging by email while sweating under the oppressive New York summer sun.

Two observations abot Manhattan television:

1. Every other commercial appears to be about birth control pills.

2. For the media capital of the world, local New York programming is scarily amateurish.

All right. Off to ogle girls in the park.