Uh Oh

With Barack Obama pretty much guaranteed the Democratic nomination this year (which in no way discounts my 8-year old Gore prediction!) the clock begins to tick on the first assassination attempt against the likely first Black President of the USA.

That’s right, I said it. And, famously, I’m not the first. It was Hillary Clinton’s own misstatement that pretty much “pulled the trigger” on her failure…. and rightly so. Intentional or not, her allusion to Robert Kennedy’s assassination showed profoundly poor taste and insight. Keith Olbermann goes a little over the top in his condemnation, which is nonetheless an appropriate response:

Clinton’s allusion is, unsurprisingly, very Republican-like. What? Don’t believe me? Check out Huckabee’s statement of record:

Oh, but it gets better. Faux News talking head and resident idiot (she’s in good company over there) Liza Trotta joked about “knocking off” Obama on live TV:

Again, it’s Keith Olbermann to our rescue with this condemnation of the vile Ms Trotta (along with two other rancid fiends of note):

And let’s top it off with Olbermann going after Bush:

In Other News…

Got drunk and spent lots of money on excellent food in Paris tonight. It’s now 3:AM, I am jetlagged, a tad tipsy, and blogging. What’s wrong with this picture?

I leave you with a story that should scare the bejeezus out of you: a study was done to secretly track people’s movements –without their knowledge!– using their cell phones. Next: the bloody things will steal your money, screw your spouse, kick your cat and spit in your beer.