Vista Sucks. Yeah, I said it.

What a nightmare. I finally took the plunge I’ve been threatening for some time. This weekend in New York, I deleted my laptop’s operating system (Windows XP) and installed Ubuntu. Well… it didn’t work all that well.

No problem, I said to myself. When I get back to Ottawa, I’ll just install something else. After all, this is my backup computer and I don’t really need it. I have a monster CPU humming away in my apartment that can satisfy all my needs.

Well, I returned Ottawa. As soon as the plane landed, I used my PDA to check my email. It promptly crashed. No problem, I said to myself. When I get to my apartment, I’ll use my main machine to backup my PDA.

Well, I got home. Guess what? MicroSoft Vista on my main machine has been crashing every 5 minutes. I can do NOTHING with it. Meanwhile, I tried to install Kubuntu on my backup machine. It works better –in fact, it’s lightning fast– but I can’t get the wireless to work, and it’s not worth my time to download drivers at work, burn them to CD, then try to install them at home. I ain’t got the time!

Miraculously, my PDA fixed itself. So this is where I stand: the only working machine I own that has the power and apps to help me do all my work is my tiny Treo 680. My main machine is infected with the virus I call Vista. My backup machine is useless with an unproductive version of Kubuntu. So I will be investing the remainder of this day re-installing XP… potentially on ALL of my machines.

There you have it.