What Am I Talking About Now? I Have No Idea.

Don’t mean to scare you, but if you are a patron of phone sex lines, you might want to see what the operators really look like.

On to the links:

The Other Ray sends us these fantastic photos from outer space.

Spidey Patel sends us this site, where you can enter your salary and determine where you stand in the world’s income hierarchy.

And Brother Bhash sends us a story that I have a hard time rationalizing: porn makers going after online pirates. As a champion of both the right of a population to make and view pornography, and of the right of a population to access so-called “pirated” materials, I’m afraid I’m conflicted about what to feel. I err on the side of so-called piracy. I am in no way advocating the breaking of any laws wherever you might live, but I do believe that so-called “intellectual property” is quite unlike other kinds of property in that viewing or accessing it in no way damages or alters it, or denies its creator credit for having made it. If someone steals a photo and shows it to me, I have not broken any legal or ethical rules by looking at it.

It’s a strange time for the definition of “freedom”. Recently there was news that the York University student union tried to ban “anti-abortion” groups on campus. This is simply outrageous to me. While I am ardently pro-choice, that includes the promoting the choice to espouse anti-abortion opinions. This sort of nonsense gives “progressive” a bad name.

I’ll be trying some new things with this blog in coming days. So look carefully for the changes, and feel free to leave me feedback on what you like and dislike.

Lastly, if you live in Toronto, don’t forget to come out to the Luminat’eau events this weekend at Harbourfront. Most of the activities are free and kid friendly. Yours truly will be there, possiby introducing some of the acts and doing some emceeing. OR maybe just hanging about and trying to look cool. Check out the list of activities here: www.harbourfrontcentre.com/luminateau

Over and out.