157 and Dropping

Further to yesterday’s post, many of you may be aware that my work involves assisted human reproduction, the topic of my PhD thesis oh-so-many years ago. Well, I think it’s worth remembering that this coming Friday will mark the 30th birthday of Louise Brown, the world’s first test tube baby. Here she is:

As someone cleverer than me once asked: what did Louise have as a fetus? Say it with me now: A womb with a view.

This photo of Louise has inspired me to make an announcement. See six months ago I weighed a respectable 185 pounds, which I could pass off as muscle if I sucked in my gut and lowered my voice. Today, my droogies, I am proud to report that for the first time in over 15 years, I clocked in at under 160 pounds; 157 to be exact.

This has been the result of running 2 km a day, maintaining a high fibre diet, and having removed most sources of meat from my meals. Yep, I’m one of those now.

The price has been the loss of upper body mass, i.e. muscle. But I hope to put some back on while continuing to lose poundage. Stay tuned, ’cause you know I’ll be talking about it ad nauseam.

In other news, someone has made a Youtube video about the sexiness of Deonandia’s resident villain, Darth Vadum. Enjoy it here:

And while we’re plugging things, my handsome cousin Joshua made it onto the banner ad for the Geneva Centre for autism: