Atoms, Space Probes, Rock Stars and Lost

Every heard of “Camp Freddy“? It’s an “all-star” rock band that only plays covers. Members include dudes from The Cult, Guns’N’Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, etc., and their gigs usually feature guest performers from around the world of entertainment.

Here is Camp Freddy performing the Sex Pistol’s “EMI“, with Mark McGrath on vocals and –get this– Naveen Andrews (Sayid from Lost) playing guitar. I actually think it might be better than the original:

Speaking of Lost –the show I’ve contended for a long time is the finest American fiction series currently on broadcast television– here is a treat for you fans. It’s a special video shown at Comic Con this year, that, while clearly meant to be a little funny, nonetheless reveals a bit more about the Lost back story, particularly more about the mysterious Dharma spokesman, Marvin Candle:

We now know that Candle is the same man as Edgar Halliwax and Mark Wickmund, and his real name might be Pierre Chang. Already the interwebs are abuzz with the revelations from this new video, such as this discussion thread. More evidence that Lost is the most delicious piece of fiction packaging American corporate television has yet produced.

In Other News…

Below is something truly astounding:

What is it? You, my droogies, are looking at an image of actual atoms of the substance Graphene. Amazing, no? Read about it here.

If you’re in the mood for more astounding images, check this out:

What you’re seeing is a movie taken by NASA’s astounding Deep Impact space probe as it approaches the Earth from 31 million miles away. The shocking bit is watching the Moon spin past. Our world looks so tiny and alone, no? You can download the movies here and here. And you can read about the project here.