The Caring Continuum

It’s 2:AM and I’m watching the lame-ass Michael Jackson biopic on TV. How sad is that?

Breaking news (courtesy of EK Hornbeck): the US mortgage crisis has taken down the world’s biggest player — Ric Flair!

Want to know what it’s like to watch Faux News for 24 straight hours? Read about it here.

Speaking of Faux News, in this Faux item, a John McCain supporter says to the Man, regarding some campaign issue, “I know I will be on top of their shit list but I could care less.”

It’s this “I could care less” nonsense that bothers me. People, the phrase means nothing! As this thorough discussion of the phrase attests:

“…the original expression, of course, was I couldn’t care less, meaning ‘it is impossible for me to have less interest or concern in this matter, since I am already utterly indifferent’.”

Here’s a graphical display of why this phrase is so idiotic:

Are we clear now?

And why can’t I find myself in one of these vacations?