Farked Images

First off, for my fellow scientist friends, the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research is looking for doctorin’ types. Send your resume here.

One of my peeves has been the consistent depiction of men as arrogant simply because we don’t like asking for directions. I’m certainly one of those men who hates asking for directions. For me, it defeats the very purpose of driving, which is not just to get somewhere, but rather to get yourself somewhere. I’ve often argued two things: (1) we’re really not lost, just momentarily disoriented; we’ll just take the next exit and turn around, so calm the f@ck down; and (2) getting unlost on your own is a skill- and character-building exercise. What do you learn if you always stop to ask directions, rather than trying to figure it out yourself? Civilization was built upon our predilection for problem solving, so don’t quash it now.

Now this study suggests a biochemical mechanism for the difference in direction-asking between the sexes. According to them, it’s all about testosterone.

Today we have for you a series of images, mostly cribbed from Fark.com..

First off, the Other Ray sends us this tattoo, because it reminds him of one of my books:

Next, what is this foul creature? It’s a goblin shark!

That leaves us with these three somewhat self-explanatory images, one of which may qualify as a Daily Perv Link (TM):