The story for the above photo is here. Warning: you’ll need some of these.

Speaking of death, here is a list of Seven People Who Cheated Death And Then Kicked It In The Balls.

Unrelated, ever wonder if Faux News ever polled its viewers on the question of which news agency is most biased, what options would it present? Wonder no more:

I leave you with the following. It’s a genuine ad from the dating site I have removed all identifying information. Is this the future of procreation in the West?

I’ve cut out the portion where she says she doesn’t care to know your name, nor will you know hers. I’m not judging, not at all; people procreate via a variety of avenues. Who knows how each of us was truly conceived? But what I don’t get is, what’s to stop a disingenuous fellow with a vasectomy from showing up for a “free ride” with no output, so to speak? Also, what sort of fellow responds to this sort of ad? if scumbag-ism or douchebag-ism are in fact genetic traits, I fear for the quality of any child produced from this union.