Want to see something wacky? Cousin Ajay sends us this tattoo. And Mary Ellen sends us… these.

The Other Ray sends us some cool stuff, like this video of magnetic fields and this video of disturbing medical animation.

Brother Bhash warns us of some police using an ethically questionable drug on detainees.

This is fascinating: a list of movies based on true stories which are complete bullshit.

From the same site, a list of ridiculous phobias.

Also from the same site, a list of movie sequels that were only tenuously connected to the originals.

Are you a little sick of all the brouhaha about Ingrid Betancourt’s rescue? Want to hear another take on it? Check these out: a less than popular take on it and Hugo Chavez’s role.

Lastly, we have yet another article up on This one is a review of the latest Stargate movie, Continuum. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews of Odyssey 5 and Charlie Jade.