Quiz Time

No time for a long post today. Instead, you get to take a news quiz. It’s pretty American-centric, so we non-Yanks are at a disadvantage. Still, I’m ashamed that I messed up on the federal reserve question.

What’s most interesting are the demographic stats one is presented with at the end of the quiz. Here’s a breakdown (I presume all numbers pertain to US data):

Percentage of questions answered correctly:

National average = 50% (pathetic!)

By gender
Men = 56%
Women = 39%

By education
College grads = 63%
Some college = 48%
High school or less = 28%

By age
50+ = 56%
30-49 = 48%
18-29 = 30%

I think it’s both sad and interesting that the only question in which women scored more highly than men pertained to the name of a talk show host. What does this mean? Who knows. Maybe if some of the smarter-than-average women who read this blog can help return the gender distribution to an even keel?

PS, the questionnaire supposedly sampled over 1000 people, though it’s uncertain how representative the sample was.