The Missing Post

Seems I wrote the following post days ago (Aug 6th) and never bothered to upload it. Well, it’s pretty crappy. That’s probably why.

According to these ridiculous people, how you think about time affects your life path. Take the time test yourself. Apparently, I’m more likely to “be a Christian or a Muslim and attend religious services” and I’m less likely to do well in school and my career, and less likely to exercise.

Psychology: never trust a pseudoscience with too few vowels.

Meanwhile, Faux News is all giddy about reporting that there’s a KFC in Fallujah, Iraq, now, therefore the invasion was worth it, God’s in his heaven and all is right with the world. Problem? There is no KFC in Iraq.

What? Faux News getting it wrong? How can that be?

Love this: a preacher is charged with road rage, after shouting obscenities at another motorist and threatening her with his gun. Oh those wacky Xtians.

Yes, yes, I’ll have some “oh those wacky Hindus” moments, too. Until then….