Droogies, thanks for all the birthday wishes. There are too many to thank each of you individually, but please know that I appreciate them all. As this is a time for reflecting upon agedness, I changed my Facebook profile photo to one from 16 years ago, back when I was thinner, better looking, and had a lot more hair. ‘Cause this is all about me, I share it with you now:

Yes, I’m trying to do my best Ricardo Montalban impression. The photo was taken at a Hindu temple in Bali, Indonesia, back in 1992. Sigh. Youth.

Thanks, too, for the various e-cards. This one from Parneet is particularly worthy of sharing on Deonandia:

I’d also like to share with you a bit of Russian wisdom given me by Anton Burkov: “Age is the number of years you’ve lived, divided by your years of experience.”

Occasionally I learn something useful from that bastion of right wing paranoia mental retardation, the Western Standard Blogs. This time I learned of the existence of this great website, which allows you to compare satellite images from various years, to show the extent of Arctic ice in the wake of Climate Change. For example, here’s a comparison of 1983 to today:

Cool, no?

Ever seen that infomercial on TV for that ridiculous chamois cloth, “ShamWow“? If you have, then you know how curiously fascinating its host is. It’s sort of like a car crash or midget porn: you may not enjoy it, but you just can’t look away.

Anyway, I was tickled to discover that the host is actually a “comedian” named Vince Offer. Even Slate had an article about his weirdly glamourous qualities. Apparently Vince once made a movie called The Underground Comedy Movie which, if reviews are to be believed, just might be the worst comedy ever made. I think I need to download it.

Lastly, here’s my birthday horoscope from the Toronto Star:

If today is your birthday: An auspicious cosmic configuration promises a year of enchantment. It’s the kind of luck you so desperately need. Armed with this enhancement, you will find this year puts you on the fast track to happiness.

Leo: Even if you are willing to put up with something, some influential cosmic force is not. Expect certainty to replace doubt and sense to substitute for silliness. Today’s events will bring much-needed insight and opportunity.

I don’t recall any insight and opportunity. Oh well, there’s always next year.