Watchmen…. and Gay Cats

2:AM and once again procrastinating. Today I saw The Dark Knight for the second time, and made the mistake of sneaking in to see The Mummy 3. The latter was one of those movies that’s so bad that you can’t believe it can get any worse, and then it does. The best part of the evening is that I managed to convince my sister’s boyfriend that Spiderman has a cameo in the Batman movie. (“During one of the boardroom scenes, you can see him crawling on the wall outside!”)

Know what’s interesting? For filming The Dark Knight and its prequel, Batman Begins, the producers opted to employ a relatively new and unknown martial style called the Keysi Fighting Method. Here’s a video of some Keysi techniques:

One of the trailers before the movie was for the upcoming film Watchmen. I’ve previously blogged about Watchmen here and here. It is, in my opinion, the finest so-called “graphic novel” ever written, a genuine work of artistic literature. If you read Watchmen, you will never perceive the superhero genre the same way again, it is that important of a book…. well, inasmuch as any book can be called “important”.

“They” have been trying to make a Watchmen movie since the 1980s. The first attached director, Terry Gilliam supposedly quipped that the story is unfilmable. It might be. I’m quite nervous about the film. I want it to be fantastic. It’s such an important (there’s that word again) defining story that its first venture into the mainstream consciousness must be a triumphant one, if only to justify the nerdliness of those who’ve salivated over its pages for so long.

In Other News

Here’s a Daily Perv Link (TM) for you: a Brazilian man is accused of “turning his cat gay” after sodomizing it. Or maybe his cat was sodomized by someone else whom he then killed. I don’t know. It’s a confusing link. In any case, the story leads us to the following image of the supposedly turned-gay cat, courtesy of the forums:

Let’s assume the white stuff is milk, shall we?

Lastly, Deonandia regular “Brad Parker” has launched his amateur cartooning career. His first attempts are here.