White Guy Uniforms and Bus Boners

Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled. Sure, like SG1, it will live on through direct-to-DVD movies. But, in essence, the Stargate franchise is dead.

Meanwhile, Special Ed sends us the best Sci-Fi offerings of the past 25 years. I don’t agree with this list, but whatever.

You know, with all the foreign travel I’ve done this year, there was a pattern I noticed: the easiest way to identify the American is via two things — he has no indoor voice, and he is the only one wearing a polo shirt tucked into beige shorts. Seriously, look for it. When I was in New York last month, I noticed the following ensemble proudly displayed in a mall:

Do these people think they’re on constant safari? Or constantly playing golf? I don’t get it.

While we’re on the topic of random pics, I snapped a quick one earlier this week. I was riding the bus in Ottawa during a nasty thunderstorm, a time when even non-bus people will crowd onto public transportation. Anyway, I noticed an attractive woman ahead of me, so enjoyed a long, lingering gander. Then I noticed the fellow sitting next to her. He didn’t seem to be paying her much attention, but at his crotch was the unmistakable teepee of a massive boner. Yes I took a photo:

Sorry, it’s sort of blurry. But trust me, the thing was quite noticeably bonerific. Sure, it might have been the natural cropping of his newish pants. But to me it certainly looked like a traditional crotchety flagpole raising. Who knows. Boner makes a better story. And it’s a fun word to type. Here it is again: boner.

See the lengths I go to just to entertain you people?