Angry Old Man

You know, for about 30 seconds I thought about “live blogging” the McCain/Obama debate last night. Then I realized it would mean sinking to an all new “I have no life” low.

For me, the evening can be summed up with this:

McCain’s only shot was to come out swinging –which he did. But in doing so, he was unprepared for Obama’s excellent defense, which was simply to relax and be presidential. The frustration eventually got to McCain, causing him to seem incredulous and petulant, as in the above clip. McCain just isn’t a media friendly guy, as shown in the following image from Andrew Sullivan’s site:

Want to know where John McCain got his debate talking points? Click here.

And unsurprisingly, someone has already Youtubed McCain’s various facial ticks and contortions:

The BBC has a nice summary of people’s reactions from around blog land. But I think what sums it up best is that America is angry and frustrated… but that doesn’t mean the American voters want a President who’s also angry and frustrated, which is what McCain projects. They appear to want one who’s calm and dedicated to getting them out of their quagmires.

But hey, anything can happen in the next few weeks.

In Other News…

Time for some nerdotry. Ever read Wil Wheaton’s recaps of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Do so here.

Entertainment Weekly has a defensible list of the top 10 ST:NG episodes here. I think they’re wrong about the ranking, though. “The Inner Light” is the best, and possibly one of the best episodes of American TV ever.

EW gets this completely wrong, however: 17 Sc-Fi Misfires. They include the near perfect Bladerunner on that list? What are they smoking?