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The Laughing Gnome – deonandia

The Laughing Gnome

I am deathly ill today, and yet must heave my growing ass onto an airplane in a couple of hours. So I have nothing of particular depth for you today. Instead you get a few random things. First is this very interesting photo of Barack Obama’s maternal grandparents:

There is a touching description of the relevance of this photo here. And here is an interesting summary of the family lineages of both major candidates.

In the spirit of equal airtime, here’s a fascinating and powerful video from French TV showing John McCain in his POW days:

Next, here’s a very rare David Bowie song that he refuses to acknowledge today. Behold, the Laughing Gnome:

And if that wasn’t weird enough, here’s Bowie mocking Ricky Gervais in song:

Lastly, remember my post on the upcoming porno about Sarah Palin, called Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? Courtesy of C.A., here’s a “safe for work” clip from it:

Let’s finish off with this photo, courtesy of Medzilla: