Nailin’ Paylin

In preparation for tonight’s 3rd (and final) Obama-McCain debate, check out the following website. Seriously, check it out.

And thanks to Cousin Ajay for news of Larry Flynt’s latest opus, Nailin’ Paylin [sic], a porn version of Sarah Pailin’s quest for the White House. With such quotable lines as “Drill, baby, drill“, this was inevitable.

Here’s the star:

I’d vote for her.

Now, on to last night’s election results…

With a very low voter turnout (something marginally over 50%), the Conservatives predictably walked away with a “strong” minority government. I don’t know what can ever be considered “strong” about a minority government: either it’s vulnerable or it isn’t, and a minority government is always vulnerable.

Canadians no longer vote the issues. They don’t even vote their local candidates. They now vote the personalities of the leaders of the federal parties, American style. Of the top four choices, Elizabeth May seemed genuine but amateurish, Jack Layton seemed ridiculously old-school partisan, Stephane Dion seemed confused and desperate, and only Stephen Harper remained calm and kingly the whole time. Combined with two factors –voter apathy and the splitting of the votes from the Left of centre– Harper’s persona won him another victory.

As discussed yesterday, however, this will not be accepted as a victory by Harper or the Conservatives. What’s the point of calling an election if you simply retain the status quo? This was their one chance to get a majority government, and they failed. There is a very good chance that Stephen Harper will walk away from his throne in coming months. And there is a better than good chance that, come May, we will see a new Liberal leadership race.

What does this mean? Another election in 1-2 years, possibly involving two brand new front-runners.

So here are the results, as of 3:AM Wednesday morning (some ballots are still being counted):

Conservatives – 143
Liberals – 76
BQ – 50
NDP – 37
Green – 0
Other -2

Based on my predictions from yesterday, this gives me a total deviation of 50 seats.

My nemesis in this endeavour was Nasty Nicky B who, in the comments of yesterday’s post, offered his own prediction:

Conservatives: 131
Liberals: 89
Bloc: 47
NDP: 39
Other: 2
Green: 0

Nick’s total deviation from the actual results is 29. So I guess he wins this particular contest. But I’ll get you next time, Barrowman. You know I will….