Quit Afghanistan

Further to my earlier post about the Ninja Cat, the Other Ray sends us this video. Apparently, if you understand American Sign Language, it’s quite interesting. I don’t, so I have no idea what’s going on. But I’m here to share. So that’s what I’m doing.

Let’s begin today’s nonsense with the following interview between Sarah Palin and Marge from the movie Fargo:

But a more eerie video is the send-up by SNL. Weird how I can no longer tell the difference between the real Sarah Palin and her parody played by Tina Fey:

Speaking of the debate, legendary journalist Robert Fisk pipes up about the Veepers’ inability to use appropriate language with respect to the Israel question.

And Andrew Sullivan has this discrepancy between what Sarah Palin said suring the Veep debate, and what she said while running for governor of Alaska.

Meanwhile, film critic Roger Ebert pipes in with his take on the Veep debate, strictly from the perspective of a cinema buff.

If I’ve not yet mentioned it, those of us in Canada can now registered our phone numbers with the national Do Not Call List!

Our Antipodal man “Amphibious” sends us the following trivia question: which is the only country not to print its name on its postal stamps? If you know, include it in the comments below.

Don’t forget to vote in the poll to the right. So far, our results mirror those in the official polls, with Obama beating McCain at just above 50% of votes.

I’d meant to try to be fair and post something bad about Obama. I found this, apparently proof that Obama stole a speech from Deval Patrick:

Certainly, the low brows at the Western Standard Blogs have been salivating over this “discovery”. But, it turns out, Deval Patrick and Barack Obama had the same campaign manager, so it’s perfectly understandable that the latter would take cues from the former. Furthermore, it turns out that he had tacit approval to use the words. So who knows.

I will say this, though. To my American friends: you must understand that Canada is essentially to the Left of pretty much every political movement in the USA. If Barack Obama were Canadian, his policies would resemble more those of the Right-leaning Conservative party than those of our Left-of-centre parties. Thus, I find it strange that Conservative voices here are so anti-Obama.

The most glaring issue with which Obama and the US Democracts agree with Canadian Conservative thought is the war in Afghanistan. I think it’s useful to read Eric Margolis’s latest column, in which he argues convincingly for everyone to get the frack out of Afghanistan:

“The current war is not really about al-Qaida and “terrorism,” but about opening a secure corridor through Pashtun tribal territory to export the oil and gas riches of the Caspian Basin to the West. Canada and the rest of NATO have no business being pipeline protection troops. Canada’s military intervention in Afghanistan has jeopardized its national security by putting it on the map as an anti-Muslim nation joined at the hip with Bush and his ruinous policies… As the great Benjamin Franklin said, ‘there is no good war, and no bad peace.'”