That’s Asus, With An "S". Pervs.

Greetings from the Porter airport lounge at the island airport in Toronto. I am writing to you on my brand spankin’ new Asus Eepc, the latest in ultra-light, ultra-portable, ultra-cheap computers. Here’s a pic of me taken on the pc webcam, as I struggle to figure out its features:

I bought this device to leave with the Guyanese people. But I just discovered –to my horror!– that the Eepc does not come with a CD drive! This makes it useless to the people in Guyana. Oh well, guess I have to keep it 🙂

Yes, I’m still woefully ill (as I hope is conveyed in the poor photo above). And I’m buried beneath a mountain of work. So to those whom I owe stuff –sorry, I’ll get to you soon!

Last night I attended the mid-run cocktail party for the Toronto International Festival of Authors. Lots of fun. I met Amitav Ghosh, my old acquaintance Austin Clarke, Richard Gwynn and a nice Danish family whose names I forget.

Sorry, no pics. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do have one embarrasing pic, which I will post later.

Until then….