A Whole Lot Of This and That, Part 1

Deonandia resident villain Darth Vadum appeared on Faux News’s “The O’Reilly Factor” last night. Here’s the clip.

If you’re curious about what O’Liely may have looked like as a devil child, check this out:

Meanwhile, the Other Ray sends us this article about John McCain’s record. And not to appear too biased, here’s a discussion of how the Veep debate was unfair to conservatives.

Here’s another version of the Veep debate:

And if you’re an animal lover, here’s a brief public service ad about Sarah Palin’s aerial wolf hunting policy:

Lastly, from Daily Kos, here’s a rundown of the US candidates as if they were trains:

I leave you with this, apropos of nothing: apparently I was profiled in the May 2007 alumni newsletter of Let’s Talk Science!