A Whole Lot Of This and That, Part 2

My friend Richard Von Erlac took this magnificent photo from the Yukon a few weeks ago. Pretty impressive, no?

EK Hornbeck sends us this English translation of a speech by the Prime Minister of Iceland, with dire warnings about the world economy. End of Days, indeed.

Here’s some interesting news: premature ejaculation is genetic.

Here’s some other interesting news: a man is fighting paying child support because he claims he was asleep when his child was conceived, and thus it was done against his will. As one Fark.com commenter, named “Drew Hates Boobies“, put it: “I think I’d just have to pay the child support. Better that than admitting that I was the king of lame.”

Know how John McCain keeps berating Barack Obama for having opposed the so-called “surge” in Iraq? ‘Cause, you know, the surge has been all success and roses? Here’s a perspective that makes the surge look a little less salable.

The Other Ray sends us 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Geniuses. He also sends us these great clips from Diesel’s XXX Party. Yes, they are (surprisingly) work safe.

Sneh sends us the following clip. It’s relevant to the Canadian federal election, and it helps if you speak French:

I love this name: Bookkake.

And I am the only person over 30 who thinks that that Katy Perry chick is hot?

Here she is on the Tonight Show last night. Yummy: