Morning of Blogs

8:AM and migraine free! In my neverending quest to delay going to the gym, I’m doing an early morning blog post today. I’m still catching up on my hundreds of emails that accrued while I was away, so if I owe you a reply, keep your panties on. I’ll get to you.

Here are some random links that showed up while I was in Guyana…

A link on how to write a good resume.

Check it out: India landed a probe on the moon! Curry’s on me!

Check out this enormous private library.

Good news: a civilian successfully sues his former employer for unlawfully firing him due to his blog posts. Bad news: it was in Sweden.

Lastly, here’s a photo of Deonandia favourite, Eric Margolis, in his Halloween costume this year:

The Other Ray sends us this Dr Who related comic. Similarly, Sean M. sends us this link of the Top 10 Dr. Who Episodes of all time. Poignant now that David Tenant has decided to step down as The Doctor 🙁

Lastly, Darth Vadum sends us this real radio commercial from a few years ago:

Reminds me of one in Toronto, the content of which was: “Do it Greek style at Christina’s!” It was an add for a Greek restaurant, not the …um… other thing.

That is all. Off to the gym. Maybe.