What? No Ghost?

Well, it turns out my fellow travellers are not very observant. There really was someone else on the plane with us– our cook. So no, there was no ghost.

I do have a more serious story to tell, though. This evening, well after sundown, word came that an Amerindian had arrived with a snake bite. Three of us rushed to the landing where we carried a tiny aboriginal woman from a bark canoe up 30 feet of steep steps to the clinic.

She had been bitten by a labaria –fer de lance– 24 hours earlier. Standard bush medicine had been applied: advil and an antibiotic. That’s pretty much given for everything.

She’s presently lyng in bed across the way from us while her worried husband sits by her side. All our doctors could do for her was to give her steroids and antihistamines and hope for the best. We’ll know in the morning.