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Links ‘R’ Us

From D.L.’s Facebook page, here are “6 insane discoveries that science can’t explain“. Forget that it comes from Cracked magazine. The examples are pretty interesting. They left out some gems, though, like the Piri Reis map, made famous by Gavin Menzies, and the mysterious Yonaguni underwater relics, which you can see in this video:

Also from Cracked, here are the 7 dumbest things done by airport security.

Next up, care for a brief primer on a particular aspect of one of my favourite historical eras, the Great Game? About.com has a nice summary of the British army’s experiences in Afghanistan during this period.

Dig this, various ex-girlfriends! Apparently, snorers burn more calories! Ha! Reminds me of this blog post.

And for no reason: