Ottawa Sucks

Ottawa sucks sometimes. Often. Most of the time. Always.

We are snowed in under a crapload of snow and the bus drivers’ union decides now is a good time to go on strike. Now, I am in favour of unions, but sometimes (often; most of the time; always) they’re not so much interested in protecting workers’ rights as they are in protecting their outmoded privileges.

I don’t really care why the bus drivers are striking. I only know that they have chosen a moment calculated to cause the most amount of pain to people they should be courting as allies: the common folk. I make no exaggeration when I suggest to you that, given the weather and resulting traffic issues, this bus strike may well end up taking someone’s life. A colleague has already told me of her disabled husband’s horrible experience sloshing a mile in the deathly cold, falling many times on the way, when the bus routes shut down without warning.

Myself, I booked out a vrtucar for the day earlier in the week and promptly found myself stuck in an intersection. Luckily, three younger and fitter Ottawans, armed with shovels, immediately ran to my assistance, digging me out and pushing me out of the way. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

The same day, however, I saw a whole lot of dickish behaviour from drivers. I think the general quality of drivers, in terms of their skill level and overall appreciation for their role in society, has declined steadily over the years.

Here’s a site dedicated to it.

In other news, Darth Vadum reminds us of this classic:

It makes me giggle ’cause the dude looks so much like EK Hornbeck having an aneurysm.