Space Nuts. Yes, Space Nuts.

It’s no secret that I consider Alan Moore’s Watchmen to be the finest “graphic novel” (i.e., comic book) ever written. I’ve mentioned it here, here, here and here. Most of you are probably aware that the long-awaited film version of the book has already been filmed and, as the smarmy types say, is “in the can”. What you may not know is that a bloody battle has been ensuing between Warner Brothers and Fox Studios over who exactly owns the film, putting its release date in jeopardy. Well, the powers came to an agreement recently, and Watchmen is slated to adorn cinema screens sometime in March.

If you don’t know the story, it’s ostensibly a mystery about someone killing off the world’s superheroes. But it’s more of an exploration of what it means to be a hero –super or otherwise– and, most interestingly, what it means to be a costume-clad human vigilante when a real, honest-to-Zod superhuman finally arises.

The following is a “leaked” clip meant to serve as viral marketing meme for the film. It shows a 1970-esque news clip celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the “birth” of Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen‘s erstwhile sole superhuman. It’s done quite well:

The most memorable part of the Watchmen novel, for me, has to do with a line spoken in the above video. The newsman says, “The superman exists, and he’s American.” In the book, it’s revealed that this was edited. Before being censored by his uppers, what he’d meant to say was, “God exists, and he’s American.” This is the essence of Watchmen, that a truly superhuman being is essentially a god. And if a god walks among us, what then can define the extraordinary for we mortals?

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the excellent trailer for the upcoming Watchmen movie:

While we’re on a science fiction theme, ever heard of the skiffy porno classic Space Nuts? Well here’s the best scene, leading up to sex with the blue alien babe:

Ahh, what acting! Oscar worthy, to be sure.

And just because I love you all, I leave you with today’s Daily Perv Link (TM): a special toy for Fido.