What? You Want A Title, Too?

This is pretty cool. I got it from Dawn’s Facebook page. It’s a list of history’s weirdest cases of mass hysteria. People are so lame.

Also in the cool category, Richard sends us this video of something called “Red Bull Crushed Ice“, which is a sort of extreme skating event:

It gets better. Nasty Nicky B points out that I’m not the only one noticing the clearly Irish origins of President Bartholomew Paddy O’Bama, with the song, No One As Irish As Barack Obama.

Check out the following drawing by artist Dusty Abell, showing all the skiffy icons from the 70s. Amazing how a crap decade can seem some awesome in retrospect, no?

What to hear something fascinating? It’s something I’ve noticed about my own records keeping practices with respect to this and my other websites. In the digital age, content is updated so rapidly that there is little or no record of what came before. In other words, for the first time in history, the written word is no longer a record of history. One fellow is taking it very seriously, and is taking steps to combat this trend. But it’s an aspect of the paperless revolution that few saw coming.

Lastly, in a sign of the arrival of the genre, The Guardian has a list of the science fiction novels “everyone must read”. Some questionable choices there, such as Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin, a lot of books I’ve never heard of, and a saddening tendency to confuse space opera and fantasy with true skiffy. Oh when will they learn? IO9 takes a crack at them here.