Every week crusty newspaperman EK Hornbeck sends me further reports of classic old newspapers going bust. The internet is killing traditional print media! But what to do? Here’s an idea forwarded to us from Cousin Ajay. It’s from Saving Newspapers: The Musical:

So I saw Watchmen. It’s not for everyone, but of course I enjoyed it. EK Hornbeck sends us this disturbing bit of Watchmen-related news.

Hey remember my trip to India a couple of years ago? It seems my lecture at JNU (Nehru University) in New Delhi is listed under “distinguished visitors” on the university’s website. Apparently I’m a “renowned Canadian writer”. If only Canadians thought so!

Meanwhile, JJ sends us this entertaining talk from TED by Elizabeth Gilbert on “genius”. Yes, this is the woman who wrote, Eat, Pray, Love, that annoying book that pops up on every reading list of every woman whose profile I’ve browsed on a dating site.