Mmmmm…. Espresso….

News from England: a girl has 7 shots of double espresso, has to go to the hospital, and is now on a campaign to warn everyone about the evils of caffeine.

Why is it that every time some dumb-ass overdoses on something banal, they then think it’s their right and responsibility to preach to the rest of us –who aren’t overdosing on it– about how horrible a thing the banal item we aren’t abusing is?

And why is that the preceding sentence is so poorly constructed? I blame the double espresso I just had.

Meanwhile, religious groups are pissed about losing their rights to deny the rights of others. Seriously. Leads us to this.

That’s all I gots for you today… except to add that is now up to version 4.0! Yayyy, I’m a big boy!