Moobootica and Further Douchebaggery

I don’t have a TV anymore, so while visiting my parents I took the time to surf as many channels as I could. Today I came across something called bpmtv, which is ridiculous silly crap. But it did have one segment featuring the “cheesiest” dance videos of all time. Some were just atrocious. So I thought I’d share a few with you.

First up is, um, “I Need A Vacation” by Paul Lekakis:

I like how Paul adds some hot chicks to the video just to …you know… preserve some doubt.

Next is one that is clearly intentionally ironic, but nonetheless ridiculous. It’s “Biker Shorts” by Canada’s Stink Mitt:

I’ve saved the cheesiest for last. It’s by the excellently named German band Moonbootica, a song called “Roll The Dice“. It’s mesmerizingly atrocious in its transcendent douchebaggery:

After all that, I think we all need some ear bleach. I give it you now in the form of the wonderful Susan Boyle appearing here on “Britain’s Got Talent”. I implore you to watch the whole thing. It will make you happy.