TV Shows and Electric Sheep (No Dreaming Androids, Though)

Quick post today. I just watched the 2009 Easter special of Doctor Who, titled “Planet of the Dead“. Ohhh, it was atrocious! As much as I love David Tennant’s version of The Doctor, I’m now pleased that he’s leaving the show, if this turd of an episode is what we can expect from the franchise’s future.


On the other extreme is a little noticed gem on Fox TV called Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The 2nd season finale aired earlier this week, and it seems unlikely that the show will be picked up for a 3rd season, making the episode the likely series finale. (See’s review of the first season.) Originally, I’d complained that she show has a stylistic dysfunction: everyone clearly drew their wardrobe from the same trailer. They all wear the same brand of jeans and cowboy boots. But once you’re over the growing pains, Terminator benefits from one fantastic quality: it’s unpredictable. This second season in particular, I had no idea where any of the story lines were headed –a rarity in American television! But the finale was singularly powerful. Its final scene, in particular, was touchingly acted with much depth and gravitas. If it really is the final moment for the whole show, then it ends on a very high note. It’s so good, in fact, that I’m not particularly intrigued by the new Terminator movie, which apparently does not adhere to the TV show’s fascinating canon. In Other News Thanks to Richard von E. for this: LED sheep art! Must be seen to be believed.

And if sheep aren’t your thing, Dawn L. sends us this and this.